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What is your return policy?
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please refer to our Return Policy page to get information about our return process.

Are BabiLayers’ fabrics really organic?
YES! The base fiber is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

Are BabiLayers’ fabric printing natural?
YES! The dyes have been screened to prevent hazardous inputs from being used. All input must meet stringent toxicity screening and biodegradability/eliminability standards as well.

How many sizes does BabiLayers offer?
Babilayers is generously sized and can fit most customers. If you need a special size, we will be happy to work with you. Please call BabiLayers customer service at 415-506-8459 or email us at

What is the purpose of BabiLayers?
BabiLayers is a wearable layer that protects your baby from allergens, perfume, & germs we all carry on our clothes. In addition, it protects you from baby’s drool, spit up, & vomit.

What is the purpose of the extra layer?
The extra layer allows for multiple uses. When baby’s drool, spit up, or vomit lands on one side, the layer can we turned and secured to the other side, exposing a clean surface.

Where are BabiLayers made?
All materials are sourced and made in the USA.

Where do you sell BabiLayers products?
We currently sell exclusively on our website:
If you are interested in retail sales, please contact BabiLayers customer service at 415-506-8459 or email us at

Do you ship international?
We currently ship within the USA. However, if you live outside of USA, we are happy to work with you to discuss shipping options. Please email

Are BabiLayers preshrunk?
Yes, we are proud to say that we taken the extra step to prewash our fabrics prior to production. This means BabiLayers products are preshrunk and the residual shrinkage is minimized.