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Why Organic Cotton

Why Organic Cotton?

Take a look at the great advantages of using organic cotton. BabiLayers uses organic cotton to ensure that we are responsible for our environment. We also want our babies to have a natural and safe fabric to use. BabiLayers wants to protect both our environment and our customers.


Seed Preparation: Natural untreated GMO free seeds.

Soil Preparation: Healthy soil through crop rotation. Retains moisture in soil from increased organic matter.

Weed control: Healthy soil creates natural balance. Beneficial insects and trap crops used.

Harvesting: Natural defoliation from freezing temperatures or through the use of water management.

Production: Warp fibers stabilized using double plying or non-toxic cornstarch.

Whitening: Safe peroxide is used.

Finishing: Soft Scour in warm water with soda ash for a PH of 7.5-8.

Dyeing: Low-impact fiber-reactive or natural dyes with low metal and sulfur content.

Printing: Low-impact or natural pigments with no heavy metals.

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